Bok Choy assures us he was once a little emperor..... in his past life.... this little man has truckloads if personality, just a delight!

At 15kg Boky is just a little pei man - some might refer to him as a mini pei. He has been through a behaviour modification program at Noah’s Park 4 Dogs in Brisbane, and has passed with flying colours. Bok has also been desexed, had entropion surgery and is C5 vaccinated and microchipped.

At 8 yrs of age, Bok is still a sprightly walker - and he also loves a snooze in the sunshine.

Bok would make a perfect addition to any family - other dogs, or not. Kids, or not. Just so long as he was considered a family member, he could well slip into almost any home with a minimum of fuss. He’s just the sweetest little bloke.

Bok Choy is available for a donation to SHAR PEI Rescue Inc, to the right home. Is this your place?

Based in Brisbane, Bok is waiting for your application now!

Chip # 476 786 444 152