Oh my!  He is a bit cute!  Meet Phoenix.  Born 26th September, 2012, baby boy is 11 weeks old on 12th December, 2012.
And he already has a life story!  Phoenix and his sister, Mum and Dad were all saved from a horrible existence in Perth.  Mum and sis stayed in WA while Dad and Phoenix flew to the east for their surgeries, training and rehoming prospects.  Little Phoenix will be available to leave SPR Inc as of the weekend of 19th December, however, please remember that dogs are for life, not just for Christmas.

I am sure there is no surprise to hear that there will be a most rigid and extensive application process for our baby boy, we hope you understand and respect this.  Phoenix has been desexed, is C7 tri-annual vaccinated, (meaning that besides his kennel cough snort in 12 months time - he is not due for another vaccination until December, 2015.  Phoenix has been wormed and has had no work required to his eyes - thus far.  This doesn't guarantee he won't need entropion surgery later in life, it is that just for the time being, young Phoenix's eyes did not require tacking.  Phoenix has been toilet trained and has learnt to sit for his meals.  Walking on the lead is a work in progress.  Phoenix will need a female doggy big sister to lead him along the right path as he grows from puppy to adult, he will also need to attend doggy school.
Available to adopt for $900, Phoenix is almost ready to leave SPR Inc......what are you waiting for???

Microchip Number: 978 102 100 089 949



Phoenix in VIC is proudly sponsored by Kaori, Kei & Fatima Kobayashi from NZ


Thank you to Erica http://www.ericaserena.com/ for Phoenix's photos