Beau – VIC

Well howdy there partner! My name is Beau and I would have to be one of the most content, well mannered, well behaved and sweet boys that has ever graced the doors at SHAR PEI Rescue Inc.  I am 4 yrs young, I have a traditional horse coat and am that elusive colour – Isabella. In other words I am a Stunner!! I have been desexed, C5 vaccinated and had my entropion surgery at Dr Scots clinic. I am going to thrive in a household where I am genuinely a part of the family. I love people, I love other dogs and my foster mum would lay bets that I am also cat friendly. I come from northern Qld where I was a breeding boy and show dog for a registered breeder. I am delighted to say I am now retired from both activities, so if you would like to pour me a mojito and get my hammock ready, I am good to goooooooo. I am available for much less than the cost of my vetwork and transport to Melbourne for just $700 My microchip # is 598 555 656 734 555 And I just can’t wait to meet you and start that wonderful new life I so rightly deserve. Ciao for now….. see you soon x

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